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    The power of silence

    Mr Shaw stated this on comparable questions numerous times. If you as a manufacturer would say that you are planing to make a new version of an existing speaker in your lineup the sales of the...
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    The Harbeth legacy

    I believe that the whole lineup is good enough not be outdated when something new arrives. I assume that people would need some time to hear the difference between M30 and an M30.1. Not because the...
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    It's a male thing

    Do not think 'wiser' is correct. The two sexes simply deal slightly different with things. And men tend to have more hobbies in which they love to dig deep into the details. At least this is my...
  4. 'Natural sound' is meaningless for pop music

    I have to disagree.

    Surely there are differing recording-qualities, but even a less good production is listenable and not fatiguing at all. It just does not sound very good, but still the music...
  5. Don't overlook room treatments

    I am at work here, so I cannot really contribute very much , but my personal experience is that by using "normal" electric euqipment (I mean no esoteric or super-expensive amps, CD-player and such)...
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    Religion rules

    Just a sidenote.

    I am astonished about the enduring patience of Mr. Shaw when facing yet another group of people that live an audiophile religion instead of being pedestrian about the audio-chain....
  7. My 50 watts

    Well, as I did not notice problems with my mere 50 watts I have no need to change soon.

    But if a well serviced 405 or 606 comes along I guess I will jump on it. Or maybe see what it costs to...
  8. Power insurance

    I did not think that the 50 watts would sound somewhat better for whatever snakeoil-reason.

    Because of the amp-suggestion for the SHL5 being "ideally from 25 watts" I thought that having about...
  9. Power to the people ! I learned something again today.

    I really thought that I would not even use the 50 watts that my amp has, even listening rather loud.
  10. Cyrus

    I use a Cyrus XPA with 50W into 8ohms (bought used in perfect condition for less than 200 euros) and can tell you that there is no way you can come near anything like clipping with that amount of...
  11. Accurate to 0.5dB?

    In addition I wonder how an iPhone should be able to make the matching as "accurate" as 0,5 db.
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    The charm of the 3/5a (?)

    Well, I have to admit I a a victim of the LS3/5a hype. Meaning: because of the ballyhoo about the speaker I wanted to have one and bought it via eBay when a pair (which was located nearby) popped up....
  13. The drums

    I had several of these moment. Mainly when I was still quite young, maybe around 10:

    Two of my friends had fathers who had a so called proper stereo (my parents were completely satisfied with a...
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    The Harbeth policy insists that a Harbeth works PERFECTLY with any decently made and sufficiently powered amp and that there is no such thing as synergy between amp and speaker beyond that.

  15. Germans never lie (or was that Danes?)

    Being a DIN record is included, I will believe in the measurings that will come out.
  16. Preconceptions about MP3

    Besides, Finbar: youŽd be surprised how difficult it is to hear the difference between MP3 and CD. I know of tests made in German audiophile forums where someone burnt a CD with the same track in...
  17. That was a digital recording > cut to vinyl!

    Well, maybe it is all just because compression means that the overall sound of the record is louder (smaller instrument get audible in the mix), and louder is always (perceived) as "better". But the...
  18. The illusion of vinyl superiority

    Well, vinyl advanced a lot more in price and jewelery. (if you see that as advance)
    Digital (as far as CDŽs are concerned) had no way to advance. It is sort of ready as it is.

    But I see one...
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    Disease cure? Hallelujah!

    As an non native speaker it is a little harder for me to follow the whole discussion.

    Just one thing that comes to my mind: It surely is very very hard for a person like Alan to see the HUG...
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    Far away from speakers = more room influence

    I also wouldnŽt say this is nearfield.
    In fact: if you normally listen considerably farer away you spoil the quality of any speaker, because the percentage of the room-influence is increased.
  21. My report

    Do not know if this thread will be going on. Only to add this to the record:
    I did listen to the examples so far and am interested in the outcome of the whole issue.

    At the same time I do...
  22. The 'disappointment' of live sound & audio-myth-believery

    ...just one addition concerning unamplified live-concerts.

    Had exactly the same experience when I went to see "Pictures At An Exhibition" from Mussorgsky (the orchestrated Ravel-version) in...
  23. The limitations of the medium

    WeŽre running in circles. As every time when a "believer" is struggling with serious doubts. Maybe it is just so plain simple that music in reality sound much harsher than the music that people (or...
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    Speakers for TV

    Concerning the question which speaker would suit best for the TV:
    A question of taste once more.
    To me, a too big, maybe even overpowering sound does not suit watching the "small" television...
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    Purchase philosophy?

    Well, it is your decision after all. But you have the 40.1 already. Do you really want to make "buying hifi" a hobby? I mean: the speakers you have will surely be "good enough" for a secondary...
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