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  1. Vinyl recovery?

    The thread was sleeping it seems but I have found sometthing very unsusual in a german magazine called "Der Spiegel".

    The article deals with the comeback of vinyl sales and in the following,...
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    Just sounds right

    Do not know about Neat, but B&W (own experience), and even more so Focal are known to sound rather hot I believe.

    Whatever, I have the SHL5 with even 2 metal tweeters. Harbeth are said to have a...
  3. All that's needed

    To be honest I never heard of anyone experiencing a loss of a speaker due to amp-failure.
    (I do not talk about pushing a speaker to its limits by ridiculous volumes)

    It is maybe too hard to...
  4. Sticky: Test results?

    That is a very interesting thread for me.

    I am circling around the idea of implementing one of the mentioned Anti-Mode´s in my system.

    As I am quite happy with the results that I already...
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    Two extreme amplifiers

    Still, ideally the amps should represent 2 extremes. The 150,- € budget machine and the rather extreme >10000,- € jewelery-item.

    As "watts are cheap" (or at least not really expensive) it should...
  6. Looks over sound?

    ...I usually hate things that look just like "showing of", but some of these italian ones really look stunning.

    Some of them though cross the fine line to looking just shockingly expensive, and...
  7. V15/3 Stylus

    I have the Shure V15 together with the japanese needle you mentioned, manufacturer is called Jico.

    Seems to work perfectly if you ask me.
  8. Yet more cartridge confusion

    It just gets more and more confusing to me. Here the conclusion of measurements (!) seems to be that the MC is better still.

  9. A serious Shure

    I (although I only listen to vinyl about 5% of the time) also use the Shure V15 with a brand new japanese needle and it sounds quite fine to me.

    It is mounted on a Dual with Dual tonearm and sound...
  10. Speakers to compensate for other issues?

    Maybe the whole loss of high frequencies due to analog playback is why many modern speakers are a little hot at the top end spectrum? Just to bring out at least some treble? And maybe this is the...
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    Just idling?

    If you DO NOT use the power of the amplifier it is not present to smear anything, it is "sleeping" in the corners of its "home" = the hopefully potent power transformer of the amp.

    If you DO use...
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    Further illogicality

    And the myth that the amp does make a big difference (even if it is powerfull enough to suit the needs) continues while Mr. Shaw constantly insists that he bought a cheap amp (was it 80,- GBP ?)...
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    Dissimilar set-up yet same result ....

    I believe I read the same test.
    What I found interesting is, that not only the electronics were hugely different in price. If I remember correctly the expensive one was placed...
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    Are you seriously worrying about that point?
  15. Sticky: My wooden ears?

    Well, I do hear at quite high levels sometimes, still never heard the clipping.

    In oposite I allways thought the music to stay quite pure and clear, even surpingly clear given the level.

    As to...
  16. Sticky: Undetectable clipping?

    Just had a look. I have Attenuators with -10dB.
    They do make a difference on the "turning the knob" vs "loudness of signal"-ratio for sure. But I never heard a problem (aka clipping)...
  17. Sticky: Music?

    Maybe rather commonly known bands/artists in the "audiophile" context:

    Seems at least some of the...
  18. Sticky: Permanent attenuators

    I have had a Rothwell Attenuator for quite some time cause the Quad 44 is often said to clip rather early on its volume-range. Don't know if that is really the case but as it was so easy to be sure I...
  19. Have it all with SHL5?

    Nothing to do with the TL-issue, more sort of my thought about the inital theme, aka "is there a universal speaker"?

    I believe that if a speaker is able to faithfully reproduce natural,...
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    Don't waste the effort

    You can use whatever you want between the speaker and the stool, won´t make a difference you can hear. So, anything that prevents stains or scratches on the speaker is fine. Even a layer of paper is...
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    Correction: i think you have the Multifusers on your ceiling, right?
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    Serious room acoustics

    I understand! Have to admit that because of the windows nothing is possible on the walls. On closer inspection i saw a tiny bit of the Poly Wood on the fourth picture (i know the stuff, my Vicoustic...
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    Why.... behind the speakers?

    May I ask why you made most efforts to tame the rooms acoustics on the least important area, behind the speakers (apart form the bass traps in the corners, which seem to be quite right)?

  24. Adequacy of power

    Among most Harbeth users in this group it is consensus (against the usual audiophile mainstream) that amplifiers *should* sound the same. Only necessity is enough power for the volume-level desired. ...
  25. Stands for under Eur. 100

    I bought some stands on german eBay (new!) for 50,- Euros (you could type BOXEN STANDFUSS SCHWARZ onto german eBay) an the ones with four columns are the ones.

    They send them to France for a...
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