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  1. Sticky: Fundamental shift

    No. Your perspective is from the outside of the UK. Here inside, neighbour is suspicious of neighbour. We cannot continue as we were.
  2. Join .... The Harbeth Virtual On-Line Family! [HVOF]

    Personal invitation to you to join our virtual on-line family!

    We here at Harbeth HQ, and that includes Alan, want to get closer to you our users and would-be customers, and modern technology...
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    New Royal web site

    Here is a link to the British Royal Family's new web site. Much interesting background information including on the Royal residences. A very lovely site.

    Link is here
  4. Stunning photos on stand-maker's new website

    Stunning photographs of Harbeth systems on Bavarian stand-maker Audio Tontrager new website - eye-catching imagery
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.73 March 2016

    The April issue of Harbeth's regular newsletter has news of the brand's clean sweep at The Absolute Sound's Editors' Choice Awards 2016 in which EVERY model was awarded. More awards news comes from...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.72 March 2016

    The March issue of our regular Harbeth newsletter reveals our exciting plans for the massive High End event in Munich (5-8 May, trade-only on Thursday). Make sure you've booked your travel and...
  7. Cable differences, or not - possible fraud exposed in online demo video

    An interesting revelation has been made by online A/V magazine 'Audioholics' concerning claims about an HDMI cable from a well-known brand.

    To quote the online magazine: "Audiophile drama is...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.71 February 2016

    A new month means a new edition of the Harbeth Newsletter, and Issue 71 is now available here and online

    This time we've news of two major European shows in...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.70 January 2016

    The first Newsletter of 2016 has details of more global awards for Harbeth designs, international show reports, diary dates for the year ahead as well as the usual mix of news items from the...
  10. Harbeth Newsletter: No.69 December 2015 - Product of the year

    Our festive issue of the monthly Harbeth newsletter is now available - and it's packed with the usual mix of news from the global Harbeth family.

    Hot news from our friends at The Absolute Sound...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.68 November 2015

    Welcome to the November issue of the regular Harbeth newsletter - this month it's been a case of squeezing in all the global stories about the world's best-loved loudspeaker brand.

    We've exciting...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.67 October 2015

    October's newsletter is packed with the usual mix of news, reviews, show reports and events from around the globe including three Harbeth models listed by Stereophile magazine in its Top 500...
  13. Harbeth Newsletter: No.66 September 2015

    Welcome to the September issue which covers the global launch of the M40.2 at the recent High End AV Show in Hong Kong, an event visited by 50,000 enthusiastic audiophiles. Also on the front page is...
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    "Most musical monitor - ever!!"

    Audio magazine's front cover proudly announces (in German) that the new Monitor 40.2 is

    ... "the most musical monitor of all time" (der musikalischste monitor aller Zeiten)
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    M40.2 - Global first review (From Germany)

    Germany's prestigious Audio magazine publishes the first review of Harbeth's new Monitor 40.2 reference loudspeaker in its latest edition, hitting the bookstands now - and it's a rave review.

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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.65 August 2015

    This month we have extremely exiting news from our friends at The Absolute Sound magazine whose editors have awarded the Super HL5plus with a coveted Golden Ear Award. Other review news comes from...
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    Warranty email database

    Great to hear. Thanks for the feedback. We sent it to all those who had registered Harbeth warranties.

    We've added a link to the top of the Home Page on the Harbeth website so people can sign-up...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.64 July 2015

    July's issue has news of Britain's Best Soap Opera (awarded the title at the recent British Soap Awards ceremony) is to use the recently re-introduced powered version of the Harbeth M30.1 studio...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.63 June 2015

    The latest issue of our regular newsletter is pack with awards, recommendations and endorsements from around the globe. We're thrilled that the Harbeth-balanced TV show The X Factor has received a...
  20. Harbeth Newsletter: No.62 May 2015 - Munich Special

    Exciting news is revealed in the latest newsletter - the launch of the Monitor 40.2 at the Munich High End event. This sets the New Reference for loudspeakers which is more sensitive, more...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.61 April 2015

    The April newsletter has the very latest news from the worldwide Harbeth community. A huge thank you to all contributors; if you have any stories or images please send them through for consideration....
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.60 March 2015

    The latest issue of the newsletter contains a mix of global news from the Harbeth brand. We have a full Bristol show report, news of recent Harbeth reviews, details of upcoming shows, a report from...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.59 January 2015

    Welcome to the first issue of the Harbeth newsletter for 2015. As usual it's packed with news from the worldwide Harbeth family.

    As we went to press news came through of a host of new global...
  24. CD, streaming, whatever

    Different Harbeth partners at Bristol will have different solutions to music sources. The Harbeth preference is to use pre-recorded CD-Rs.

    Scott's DAC and CAD (room 234) are amazing pieces of...
  25. Two Bristol buddies! Harbeth across the show...

    Looking forward to working with the digital guru at Computer Audio Design - rooms 232/234. The Harbeth/CAD combination is formidable!

    We are also pleased to say that our friends from REL Acoustics...
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