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  1. Review and measurements of SHL5+ in AustHifi

    Measurements impressed the reviewer to no end...
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    good scrub?

    i steal some of my partner's facial cotton pads and ear buds to clean stuff. Speaker posts do with a scrub with flat cotton buds too, ie. the space between the tightening nut and base.
  3. Sticky: CD player output it can be even higher than 2V!

    unless im reading it wrongly, it appears some cd players and dacs give out more than 4V nowadays. can they act as mobile phone chargers?

    output 1.8V – vintage Sony...
  4. Why do it now - a diversion ideology of the downtrodden

    “Seeking independence” seems to have become a fashionable escapist dogma. Recent (and ongoing) examples are Western Australia from the federation, or Sabah from the rest of Malaysia. It’s appealing,...
  5. Sticky: -12dB - a real solution

    I use Ones from Harrison labs, around 30 dollars US. They work great. Music sounds less busy, congested and edgy. Thanks Alan and everyone for an enlightening and real solution.
  6. Other non boutique brands

    Please consider Yamaha, Denon, Sansui (they'll be quite old now), older Audiolabs, NAD's, Sony, Onkyo, Rotel, Teac, Kenwood.
  7. Consumers will need to ask and speak up

    Think organisations use the cloud to lower upfront hardware and software costs while minimising maintenance costs. Personally think it’s a short term “cheap” (and lazy) approach with potential for...
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    Beautiful veneer

    Rosewood is just pure classy.
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    Hooked on Solid State

    Tube amps in my opinion take more effort and costs to own. Tubes need changing and adjustments. They run hot and consume more power. The amp you mention has only 20 watts of power so personally I...
  10. Thread: "Dealerspeak"

    by kittykat

    Music makes us happy people

    Rely on your happiness as a goal. We live in a world of engineered insecurities. Set out what you want, go for it and never come back to any “hifi” website including this one.

    After you've...
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    Be intimate with your speakers - SHL5 experience

    I’ve recently moved house to a quieter area with higher ceilings but to what I thought would be a less ideal listening room as it was “hard”, having tiled floors. It echoed a bit initially, becoming...
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    Sounds and Music

    Congratulations Alan.

    In addition to listening, any child should be exposed to music making on a tactile musical instrument. Perhaps a xylophone set? It might drive the parents mad, but a...
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    Lets all be safe than sorry.

    Hi henningh

    Those are real and unfortunate examples reported by the West Australian Commerce department over a 10 year period. The 10 year sample suggests approximately 18% of electrical...
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    Good to be curious... but what about supervision?

    Think that’s called parenting or supervision. We rely too much on others for prevention, safety and well being.

    It will be too late to blame a manufacturer/ service provided for lack of...
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    Back in my days...

    Kids can damage anything they want or choose. They can even, god forbid, do some major damage to themselves in the process. So lets not leave it to others for this. There was a rod back in my days.
  16. Yes you can= 'air'

    I've put one ear perpendicularly up to the supertweeter before. Play something with plenty of cymbals. You can distinguish the tweeter (which sticks out slightly from the fabric) from the super...
  17. Sticky: Overbearing precautions and unplanned outcomes?

    How overbearing does it have to be to prevent unplanned outcomes? fluoxetine, hpv vaccine, thalidomide?

    We have nothing to learn from the self interest of the drug industry in general. We all have...
  18. Sticky: ... and it's not only one person's opinion or one event which matters!

    Scientifically and mathematically, fortunately or unfortunately depending on which side one is on, it takes more than one person's opinion or event/s to make a choice statistically significant. Who...
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    Bye bye beetle

    Squeezebox touch was probably the hardest consumer gadget to get up and running for me. i don't miss it one bit. It is amazing though what it can do for what they were going for eg. play SD cards,...
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    Fix for bass junkies

    If its bass we crave, wouldn’t an equaliser or tone controls be a simpler and more elegant fix?. ive been mucking with an amplifier with turnovers at 40Hz, 100, 150 and 200 Hz on an SHL5. It can be a...
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    Statistics and feelings

    So would I.

    Kumar, I think 99% of people in my neighbourhood love and adore me, but if ran for council elections and only 0.3% of people voted for me, can I say that the voting system is "wrong in...
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    The method is crucial

    If I may be late to the party, I think we might be confusing subjective methods and subjective perceptions.

    Pharos, I think Alan meant you not being objective, method wise, not personally. You...
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    Safety in flight

    Thanks for sharing. If it wasn’t so true it would be even funnier.

    The government here had some sense to put a floor under this whole economy flight caboodle. Some called it protectionism but in...
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    Sticky: Microsoft 'workgroups'

    I believe so Alan.

    I’m not a network expert but I think there is an option- and for those who know more please jump in. it will be possible to make the computers you want just for entertainment...
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    Sticky: Microsoft rocks... simple as ABC. Quality music after 30-40 clicks of a mouse button.

    Hi Pluto

    I bother because

    - it comes free with the most ubiquitous computer operating system in the world!

    - it's stable and responsive

    - Because you can add a plug-in like ffdshow (on...
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