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    My Skylan experience

    I own the Skylan stands which my C7es3's are currently on. My speakers sit on the small rubber nubs that came on the top plate. They sound excellent on these stands yet I remain curious as to a stand...
  2. Can't wait

    "I can't wait for the 40.1 to arrive."

    Wow, you really go all out with speakers purchases. Do you now own the 40.1 as well? (I guess I'll have to check the 40.1 link)
  3. Hegel H200 amp

    I ran valves for a couple of years and really loved them but the summers are so hot in New York I couldn't play them without the home becoming a boiler. I replaced the valves with a Hegel H200 and...
  4. A personal choice

    It hurts nothing but your wallet to find out. For most, this is a hobby. A hobby costs money. Most amplifiers cost money. Sit back and enjoy yourself and if you're not happy make a change.

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    A gigantic room full of sound

    I guess I have to mention that there's nothing wrong with any of the integrated amplifiers made by the manufacturers I mentioned. I can understand why you would choose one, for instance I would...
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    I believe in amps ...

    I have listened to many integrated amplifiers with my C7es3's from the likes of Luxman, Accuphase, McIntosh, Ayre, Marantz, Octave, Naim and some others I don't recall. I won't describe what I...
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    Above all *trust your Harbeth dealer*

    I've said this before but it's worth repeating. Your Harbeth dealer is a well informed man or woman. They carry the brand because they enjoy it, trust it and find value in it for their customers....
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    Mozart 21

    Congratulations Alan! ! ! Truly a special moment. Certainly she could not resist a Mozart Piano Concerto, possibly #21? Vladimir Ashkenazy with the LPO?
  9. How and where do you listen? Listen to the room or the music?

    I just learned a valuable lesson about what I've been doing wrong all these years when it comes to listening to music. Let me start by saying that im in the process of transitioning from tube...
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    Not enough bass?

    I have the opposite problem right now. My Skylans are filled to the top with kitty litter and they sit on a wood floor with a large wool rug in front of them.

    I'm not a fan of a lot of bass but...
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    In an M30.1. trance ....

    I heard the 30.1's in August and I wish I never had. I can't stop thinking about them. I love my C7ES3's and will keep them forever but if some money falls out of the sky and bounces off my head the...
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    Give your local dealer a chance - he'll move mountains for you

    Do you have a relationship with your local Harbeth retailer? I know that my local retailer here in the US will do anything to help me as long as I'm purchasing from him. He also knows what pairs best...
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    I think your solution should be considered a short term bandage on a larger issue. What are your speakers placed on? How close to the wall are they?
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    Kitty litter

    I used plain old clay kitty litter. The cheapest kind you can find - non scented. This is what Noel was suggesting at the time I purchased mine. Others have used rice.
  15. Harbeth passed on after you depart ...

    Alan really nailed it with the 30.1. If I could only have them all I would.

    I'm very proud to own Harbeth speakers. Here in the U.S. Id imagine sales are good yet you very rarely see them up for...
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    Tellig's truths

    That would not surprise me. I've heard the 30.1 and they're worthy of high praise. Tellig is known for enjoying a natural sounding speaker and does not believe in any 'snake oil' or tweaks.
  17. Audition of M30.1

    I own the C7ES-3 and had the opportunity to hear the 30.1 at my local dealer when the North American distributor was stopping by with a pair for audition (Walter Swanbon). I found them to be a little...
  18. Sonic velocity

    Good call. From what I've gathered thus far, changes in temperature and humidity will affect the speed of sound. Pressure apparently does not. The speed of sounds remains the same whether you're on...
  19. The effect of air molecules on a soundwave and or frequencies

    I was reading a post on a forum from a person living in Florida. This gentleman insists that his stereo sounds best during or right after it rains. He wasn't looking for an answer as to why this...
  20. Accuphase and Luxman

    Martin, your system is absolutely breathtaking. Your new 30.1's must melt away with the Accuphase. Accuphase and Luxman are the two manufacturers I'm looking into for my C7ES-3's. Thanks for posting...
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    The Brain looks very interesting. Thank you for...

    The Brain looks very interesting. Thank you for the link Alan.
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    Hi Magnus. I was wondering how you're liking your beautiful Accuphase E-360?
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    If I may ask a question. Was this to be an...

    If I may ask a question. Was this to be an amplifier or an integrated amplifier? I read a lot of information on this forum regarding amplifiers and I agree that for the most part, an amplifier is an...
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    Gold Lion tubes

    I've been curious to try the Gold Lions. The reason I'm hesitant is that the Magnum upgrade produces more power with the KT90's. If I didn't own a spare quad of KT90's I would try the Gold Lions...
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    Music on rainy days ...

    Congratulations. I remember my first listen to the Cronus Magnum. I was floored. I've had it in my system for two years now and have no plans to replace it. Paired with the C7ES3, it's a combination...
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