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  1. The Theatre of the Spinning Disc

    Its a matter of changing one's mindset, Alan! Its like the actual supermarket and the virtual supermarket. The actual supermarket is brick and mortar, while the virtual supermarket is your computer....
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    Enjoying streamed convenience

    I think streaming is the future of music! Airplay works best for me. Its simple, convenient and Apple products just work!

    I have a Sonos in the bedroom, linked to Apple Music and Spotify! What...
  3. A new concept in amplification: 'dial-in a sonic personality'

    AS wrote: "Same result, tiny cost, and best of all, at the twiddle of a few knobs you can conceptually have the sound, right there over your speakers, of any amplifier you dream of owning."

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    Sonos + Apple Music

    Sonos has just released the much anticipated Apple Music add-on. Its still in beta testing but it worked great on my iPhone and Mac.
  5. Not level matched?

    Another explanation is that the reviewer did not appear to have matched the volume within 0.2 db of each other .... and possibly the earlier amp was playing at a louder volume.
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    Sticky: AV amp for stereo

    If you are only using an AVR (9 channels) for 2 or 3 channels listening (at most), wouldn't it have more than enough power for a normal listening room under normal (not party loud) circumstances?
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    Sticky: Benchmark Benchmark

    Alan, the new Benchmark AHD2 amplifier has a 'clip' button. It also has quite a bit of power beneath its diminutive box and the test results (distortion, etc) are excellent! Benchmark is a company...
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    Sticky: Baffled

    Equally baffling is how one of two equally specified amplifiers can sound more holographic. deeper, wider soundsstage (sometimes beyond the speakers), higher, tighter, faster, warmer ..... etc!
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    Sticky: Importance to tube-amp speaker load

    With low powered single ended class A {tube} amplifiers, the speakers must present a benign load of at least 8 ohms, and the minimum impedance should ideally be no lower than 6 ohms! The speaker's...
  10. Preamp sonics

    Apologies but I misunderstood what Alan was saying!

    Notwithstanding my faux pas, I still wonder how much the preamp contributes to the sound. That was the intention of my enquiry.
  11. Function of power amp

    Alan, if a preamp contributes sonic differences (10% in your approximation) then all the power amplifier does is to faithfully amplify the sonic signature coming from the preamplifier.

    Could this...
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    Tube amps add 'misicality'

    I don't think Alan's comparator of 'all reasonably well engineered solid state state amplifiers operating within their specification' sound the same holds true of tube (or hybrid) tube amplifiers.
  13. Sticky: Wider consideration of audio electronics

    Class D amplifiers are more difficult to evaluate, especially those with onboard DAC where all the signals are in the digital domain. Even analog inputs are converted into digital before they get to...
  14. Sticky: "A brief guide to audio..."

    Here is an interesting blog: A Brief Guide to Audio for the Skeptical Consumer.

    The article has an interesting quote from Alan (in the context of vinyl versus digital replay):

    Id wager that...
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    Moderator, yes that is the one I was referring to!

    Moderator, yes that is the one I was referring to!
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    Nait 5

    Ciao Maxterbola!

    Indeed, there is no denying the symbiotic synergy between Naim and Harbeth, both of which are proud symbols of British audio at their best - quite different from their...
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    +1 for the Rega Brio-R

    Rega seems to have it right this time - right size, right features and right price! Paired with the Rega DAC, the Regas are quite unbeatable and sound very musical!
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    Bye bye CD players

    Alan, welcome to the world of wifi streaming and CD-less replay which, IMHO, will one day rule audio and inevitably lead to the demise of CD players!! I have been streaming music from my Squeezebox...
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    Stay with what you have

    Hi Tompj
    Accuphase is a solid company with a very good reputation! I would stay with the Accuphase which should last you for a long time and provide you with musical enjoyment.

    Indeed, the...
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    What is the reference point?

    Hi Compo

    Welcome to HUG! Interesting suggestion! Harbeth speakers are relatively easy to drive given their benign impedance. Under the FAQ, an amplifier with 25 watts (8 ohms) should be able to...
  21. What to do without tone controls?


    For owners of amplifiers (and preamplifiers) without a tone control, what would you suggest you do to have more control of the ability to recreate actual musical event?
  22. Cables and interconnects v. tone

    The challenge of tone controls is in deciding how to judiciously use the controls to get the 'correct' sound! Also, is there not a tendency to be obsessed with the controls, to fiddle with it...
  23. Are the speakers the most important ...


    Are you saying that the proposition that all amplifiers sound broadly indistinguishable applies to tuners and DACs as well (electro with basically no moving parts) [how about CDPs since they...
  24. You just might be right ....

    Hi Alan

    Indeed, the offer of your challenge has lapsed with not a single soul taking up the gauntlet! Like many a curious bystander, I was hoping someone would actually accept your challenge so...
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    As with Kumar Kane's post above, I feel that the future is with digital streaming. While CDPs will still be sold, the trend is towards digital media which, when properly executed, can sound as good...
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