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  1. Good Vibrations

    Listening to the Beach Boys' record 'Good Vibrations' whilst sitting under a large cardboard box. A loudspeaker was fitted to the top of said box. My twin brother operated the record player.
  2. Quad, ARCAM ... difference?

    When it comes to amplifiers and the P3ESRs I was without my Quad 34/303 and I pressed an original Arcam Alpha into service.

    To be honest I couldn't tell any difference...

    M. Miles.
  3. My superb P3ESR ... and Nat King Cole

    My favourite music since buying my 'ESRs late last year has been 'The Best of Nat King Cole'.

    That superb voice sounds very good on my old HL Monitors, but through the 'little wonders' it is just...
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    It was

    Re. The Moderator's comment, yes it was the aforementioned brand...

    M. Miles.
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    Ah, 'advertising puff'.

    It appears in such magazines as Hi-Fi News. I used to buy HFN, but when recently I glanced at a copy in WH Smith's there appeared to be yet another 'Cable Test '.

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    Cables - all in the mind

    I use the above QED cable on my larger Harbeths and some transparent, similar looking cable on my 'ESRs.

    I truly cannot tell the difference...

    M Miles .
  7. Definite coloration

    As I have a pair of early HL Monitors, serial numbers 228 A & B, perhaps I can add something to this ongoing thread.

    A S has mentioned previously about Harwood using speech to evaluate his early...
  8. Today's BBC

    A.S. sums up what has happened to the BBC, in the context of so-called progress. I have been listening and monitoring the output of the BBC for over 35 years, in the way things have changed...
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    Stealing other's creativity

    Ah, ' Lack of recognition '. That is something which touches me.

    When I worked in the Chemistry Dept. at Oxford University an American Chemist arrived with a idea of a new piece of scientific...
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    Realities of PA sound

    Could I, possibly, come in here? I am a Harbeth loudspeaker owner and I own and operate a ( modest ) PA set-up.

    Recent experience, both operating and listening, to PA systems may be helpful here....
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    Harbeth is something else!

    It's not like me to reply to my own thread, but now having lived with a pair of 'ESRs since Christmas I endorse all that's gone before on this Post.

    They are THE most realistic loudspeakers I have...
  12. Good old Arcam

    I still find it incredible just how good an original Arcam Alpha amplifier is with my P3ESRs. My Quad 34/303 is out of action whilst the 34 is being repaired.
  13. Old Arcam

    I have just sent my Quad 34 Control unit off for repairs, so I've connected up my old Arcam Alpha amplifier.

    As I sit here and listen should I surprised how good it sounds?

    Not really...
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    NAIM CD players

    I was with Jeff_C until I bought a used Naim CD player. I love playing records and the Naim CD gives me a similar experience.

    I know what Jeff ( and others ) will say. It has all been said...
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    Oldest HL monitors? S/n 228

    I am certainly not Harbeth's oldest user. Well, I hope not at a mere 66...

    I do have an old pair of HL Monitors, though. The Serial Numbers are 228 A&B.

    It's probably not worth the question,...
  16. Grilles on by default

    ...the demented knowledge of 'audiophiles'. I like that way of putting it...
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    My winter diy project...

    The project moves on.

    I have bought the crossovers from Falcon Acoustics and other components from Stirling Broadcast.
    A pair of early Harbeth HL-P3 cabinets, requiring restoration, have been...
  18. Cable cobblers?

    Re. Martin Colloms. I stopped taking him seriously when he went on a great length about some short cables used for connecting together the two sections on a pair of ( very expensive ) Wison Audio...
  19. "Danger"

    Ah, Radio Plays. Has anyone heard the R4 Stereo / Binaural play called ' Danger ' by Richard Hughes ? It was billed as ' A Listening Play specially written for effect by sound only. ' ( I quote from...
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    PA sound

    It may be an apocryphal, but I heard this from someone many years ago.

    When John Dawson ( later of A & R Cambridge ) was at Cambridge University he and some friends used BC1s to enhance a John...
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    Maxims again

    Back in 1969 (!) I ordered a pair of Maxims for some friends. My Father had an account with Duval's in Oxford. Duval's was the trade side, I believe, of Westwood's Audio in George St. Oxford.

  22. Live group experience

    In the mid seventies, Colin Saunders, who went on to start Solid State Logic had a small recording studio in the heart of the Oxfordshire Countryside. It was called Acorn Records.

    Now, back then...
  23. Roberts radios

    Ah, old radios...

    I inherited a Roberts 707, circa. 1985. I spent about 75 (!) having it restored by East Coast Wireless. They even polished the wooden end cheeks.

    I love listening to Radio 4...
  24. Thank you, Alan. Re. Live music. Although I run...

    Thank you, Alan.
    Re. Live music. Although I run a PA system and hear live music, you can't beat the ' Real Thing '.
    Just before Christmas we went to hear ' The Carnival Band '. Old and modern...
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    Quad tilt: inexpensive

    I drive my new P3ESRs with a Quad 34/303. The tilt controls are very useful. I use a little bass cut on occasion with some CDs. I was using a passive preamp. previously the 34 is very useful with its...
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