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    Sticky: M40.2 in grey

    Is the new 40.2 Pro available in the matt grey finish with the side handles in the USA?
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    New 30.1 amplified speaker

    I read about the new 30.1 Active in yesterday's Harbeth newsletter with great interest. I think this is a very smart move for Harbeth for a few reasons. It seems these are aimed at the professional...
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    Love my Harbeths

    I have been living with both P3ESR and Compact 7ES-3 for a few years now. I love them both, especially on acoustic music, jazz, classical, etc. They will do rock and roll, but not at high volumes....
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    Bel Canto with P3ESR

    I have been using a Bel Canto C5i for a few years now with my P3ESRs. It is a convenient, compact, all-in-one solution that matches the little Harbeth very well. It includes a DAC (with USB, S/PDIF...
  5. Hearing details on Harbeth

    My comment was based solely on my own experiences with the MDR7506. I spent some time recording in Cuba last month with a Nagra and a brace of the new Sennheiser MKH8000 series mics. For monitoring,...
  6. Bit-rate and audibility

    Yes I have, and it very much depends on the source material. Differentiating between Redbook and 128kbps is easy if the playback chain is good. Between 256kbps and Redbook, it becomes more difficult,...
  7. Mastering on SHL5+?

    I have been considering moving from the Compact 7ES3 to the new SHL5+ because I am now depending on the Harbeths for mastering of original recordings. I am concerned that when I master so that things...
  8. Flawed test?

    Did you read the test conditions? No one would be able to tell the difference. They connected both players through a Radio Shack switch to a pair of Sony MDR7506 headphones. I use the 7506 for...
  9. The problem is hard to explain to the general public

    There are some good comments in this thread so far, and I believe it is an important topic. Without the benefit of a technical understanding of the issues, it is difficult to get consumers to...
  10. Distortion of Sound (documentary film) airing tonight

    A short documentary, "Distortion of Sound", is airing today at 3pm on IFC and at 6pm tonight on the Sundance Channel. This film discusses the decline in the quality of recorded music despite huge...
  11. A new amplifier topology - AHB2 from Benchmark

    Benchmark Media will soon start shipping their new AHB2 amplifier, for which they are claiming a 130db dynamic range, and an interesting new topology. You will be familiar with Benchmark D-A and A-D...
  12. Market perception of digital correction - and a dangerous path for Harbeth?

    Even if it were possible, my sense is that reliance on DSP in the current product line would be detrimental to Harbeth's business. This is a guess on my part, but I suspect that a good number of...
  13. Don't forget the DAC

    This argument will never end. You see the same things in any photography forum. Personally, I enjoy it all. I appreciate the latest CMOS sensor technology, but I do find myself moved when I see an...
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    iDevice digital interface and other inexpensive streaming options

    A startup American audio company called "Peachtree Audio" started out offering a nice little integrated amplifier called the iDecco that had an iPod/iPhone dock on top. This dock was different from...
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    The user friendly Squeezebox

    Sonos example:
    1) Locate the iPad or iPhone
    2) Swipe off the lock and enter password if necessary
    3) Open the Sonos control app and wait for it to connect to your network
    4) Choose your music and...
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    Digitally perfect

    The Squeezebox is actually bit perfect at up to 24/96. Chris Connaker over at ran did some tests with his Weiss 202 and confirmed this. You would have a point if you are...
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    John Hebden

    Just this morning, I was listening to John Hebden's 6 Concertos for Strings Op. 2 performed by Cantilena and conducted by Adrian Shepherd. It's a pity that he didn't compose more music during his...
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    Olive One - Alternative to Squeezebox Touch

    The demise of the Squeezebox Touch was unfortunate for audio enthusiasts since it had no competitors. No other manufacturer had anything with the ability to stream bit perfect up to 24bit/96kHz, with...
  19. Skylan write-up

    I wrote up some impressions a while back on the effect the Skylan stands had on the sound from my Harbeths here:
  20. Listening to the clips

    This thread piqued my interest, so I picked up a Wavelength Proton LiPo-powered USB DAC and a MacBook Air and walked around the house to the various systems I use to evaluate my amplifier builds.
  21. DIY TL speakers

    What a fascinating topic and timely for me as I'm currently building some transmission line speakers! It's so nice to hear Alan's perspective on this. I will post to photos of mine when they're...
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    A geek and his streamer

    I remember you were having trouble with it, but there are so many possible ways to use it that I've forgotten what the specific issues were. Ours have been working perfectly for some 18 months now,...
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    Squeezebox Touch Discontinued

    I've just heard that Logitech has discontinued the entire Squeezebox line. What a loss for the audio community. What are the possible alternatives?

    Sonos is popular, but their "Connect"...
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    Harbeth sub with integrated power amp and room correction

    I am happy to see this discussion on the Harbeth amp revived. As I read through the posts, this one from STHLS5 really struck me as interesting.

    A subwoofer is something that would be a natural...
  25. Finding that amp sound

    Flea-powered amps may seem crazy in today's world of cheap watts and inefficient speakers, but the right pairing is a beautiful thing. I've been building all kinds of amps lately: chip amps, mosfet...
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