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Thread: Naim "Plop" - serious problem for speakers or not

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    ernesto Guest

    Default Naim "Plop" - serious problem for speakers or not

    Dear Alan,

    as posted in another thread I currently tested a Naim Nait 5i/2 to replace my Marantz PM6003. I defintively consider the combination of the Naim with my Compact 7 ES3 over the set up with the Marantz.

    BUT: I prefer to switch my System off when not it use. So there is that (obviously) common "plop"-issue when switching on the amp making the bass driver moving inwards.

    My question is: Is this critical for my speakers or not.
    Your advice would be very much appreciated.

    Best Regards from Germany

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    Default NAIM plop

    Hi Oliver,

    I'm both a Harbeth and Naim dealer in the US and understand why you like the Naim/Harbeth combination. I have not encountered any problems as a result of the "plop" you refer to. Additionally, Naim recommends leaving their amplifiers power on as much as possible to avoid have to go through warm-up every day, I leave the amps powered on. However, during an extended absence or a pending storm, I usually power down the system to avoid possible electrical damage.


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    singslingr Guest

    Default NAIM plop

    Hello Oliver, I'm a Naim user for about 17 years now and have grown used to the "plop'' sound when switching off (actually there is also a slight "thump'' when switching on as well). I don't have the technical explanation for these noises but I can say they do not harm the speakers at all.

    Incidentally, I keep my amplifiers on all the time and only switch off when I go away on holiday. I know this is not very "green'' of me but I believe this is why they have lasted so long (and are still working fine).

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    Default NAIM plop

    read this for some idea
    Thud sound when power down

    Alan commented reversing the polarity of the connection from the amplifier to the speaker. Moving inward first then outward is more damaging on the driver.

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    Default Plop on switch off not on

    Quote Originally Posted by ernesto View Post
    BUT: I prefer to switch my System off when not it use. So there is that (obviously) common "plop"-issue when switching on the amp making the bass driver moving inwards.
    Ditto on the responses above. Another Naim user here.

    Nevertheless, I am little curious about the "plop" sound that moves the driver of the speaker. Usually the drivers will not move with the "plop". Also, the "plop" normally occurs when switching off the amp, not switching on.

    Another thing is the "plop" sound will be significantly subdued if a power supply is used in conjunction with the amps. Unfortunately the power supply can only be added to the Nait XS, Supernait and all the preamps.

    There are many Harbeth users using Naim amps in their systems if you check the Naim forum. There isn't any report on speaker damage with the "plop" as far as I know. Personally I do not think this "plop" is detrimental to the speakers although initially like you I had fears when getting my first Naim amps sometime last year. Somehow I have got used to it and for the fact that I will never switch off the amps and leave them permanently on unless I am away for a long holiday break.


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    Default NAIM and plop

    +1. Naim user too but I experience the 'plop' sound on turn on and turn off! I am using a NaimUniti. The 'plop' sound is quite gentle and in no way startling. No worries with the 'plop' as Naim has assured this is quite normal with most of their amplifiers.

    Naim could easily put a diode for soft start but they felt that any additional electronic parts would only be detrimental to the sound. In any case, I hope you leave the amplifier on 24/7!

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    ernesto Guest

    Default Naim

    @ all
    thank you very much for your comments and useful input.
    I have decided to opt for the better sound, keep the Naim and leave it on. The Marantz has to go.

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