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Thread: Anyone tried Symphonic Line amplifiers with Harbeth SHL5?

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Anyone tried Symphonic Line amplifiers with Harbeth SHL5?

    Has some of You auditioned Symphonic Line amplifiers together with Harbeth SHL5 or other Harbeth speakers?

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    HOLBERG Guest


    Since no one else seem to have experience with Symphonic Line from Mr. Rolf Gemein in Germany. Well I have auditioned the Symphonic Line La Musica. ARC VSi60 was a really good match. But the La Music is a STUNNING match with Harbeth SHL5. Perfect controle, detail and natural sound are just some of the positive things to mention. Yes, I sold the VSi60. Can only recommend others to listen to Symphonic Line with Harbeth. Stunning build and sound quality!!!

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    Drdennis Guest

    Default VSi60 question

    To Holberg,
    The VSi60 has been on my short list of amps to audition. May I ask why you sold it?

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    HOLBERG Guest


    My reason for letting the VSi60 go wasnīt my plan at first. Not at all. Itīs a great amp.

    Have been looking at Symphonic Line La Musica for a while and thought it could be exiting to try. First of all the build quality is 2nd to none. But what about the performance? Suddenly I had the possiblity to try it out in my system.

    As good as the VSi60 sounds it canīt follow the La Musica on pace and timing. It keeps my SHL5 in a musical grip. The VSI60 sounds much more laidback and it feels like its holding back when you compare it directly to the Symphonic Line amplifier. The ARC isnīt as exiting to listen to as the La Musica with the SHL5. Much more PRAT and natural sound on voices and instruments with the La Musica.

    Thats why the VSi60 had to go. I think the VSi60 is a great amp. There is no doubt about that. But the La Musica - Harbeth SHL5 combo is plain and simple a better match. Much better infact!

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