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Thread: 1dB Difference - an experiment in audibility

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    Default Saving lost souls (are you serious? Mod.)

    Quote Originally Posted by STHLS5 View Post
    ...It would have been nice if more people can share the same enthusiasm to get to the bottom of so many audiophiles myths.
    My good friend - I have been on the same thankless mission for many years! Have my warm, soft hands cured anyone of audiophilia? I very much doubt it (sadly). But god knows, I have devoted myself to pragmatism and will continue to do so in the hope that 'out there' there may be a lost soul I can save, converted to a life of musical appreciation from one of financial ruin!

    Brother Alan
    Alan A. Shaw
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    Default Soul almost saved

    Harbeth's sensible ethos appeals to me greatly. These forums have given me a wealth of intelligent, backed-up information. Like many in this group I've been on a hifi journey and it's time for it to end. I've been through valve amps and valve-rolling and been cured of that (having found preference in my old Rogers A75 transistor amp); I've been cured of stand-filler material hype and the stand-floor interface. There's one last step in my journey - I'm not yet a Harbeth owner and will someday replace my recently acquired Proac floorstanders with a pair of P3ESRs. The floorstanders were an expensive and unnecessary mistake, putting out too much bass. Worrying about disturbing my neighbours ruins my appreciation of music, which is the most important thing.

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    Default The lost souls of stereophilia

    Quote Originally Posted by A.S. View Post
    ...mission ... warm, soft hands... god ..devoted ..lost soul ..I save..Brother..
    LOL.. Seeing all those words in a paragraph is spiritually enlightening.


    I just came across a research published by the National Academy of Science of the USA where a mere suggestion that subjects were made to believe they were tasting an expensive wine, the MRI scan showed marked increase in activity in parts of the brain responsible for sensing pleasantness. In fact, medically it is all right to perceive -which is real to the brain- that expensive is better.

    There also suggestion if patients with damaged part of brain something called "Phineas Gage" lesions would react differently, i.e not influenced by price? Now, it looks like I am on the wrong side.


    p.s Dear Mod, please feel free to edit as necessary.

    {Mod's comments: No need, Brother. No need. You are on the path.}
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