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Thread: Ikea stands (EUR 8, GBP 7) for C7ES3!

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    Default Ikea stands (EUR 8, GBP 7) for C7ES3!

    Hi, I have a new pair of C7's since last week. Yes, what stands? Read a lot about it and do not know where to go.

    Well I thought I'll tryout a pair of cheap solid wooden stools from IKEA. Model is ODDVAR and they are 33x33x45 cm. They are fairly lightweight, solid pinewood, but can be assembled very rigidly. I experimented a few days and in the end, all was assembled as rigidly as possible.

    Put some filt rounds under the legs to protect the floor and.... put 4 little balls of Pritt Buddies underneith each corner of the speakerbox. (Pritt Buddies is like Blu Tack, only friendlier to use without doing dammage to surfaces)

    Now I can hear the speakers breathe and they sound with ease, clear and pointed.

    Really worth a try for totally less than 20 euros. Rgds Han

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    Hi Han,

    Looks like you have a fine result - thanks for sharing. Are they not wider than the speakers though? This may not matter of course. Do they place your C7s at a good height for you?

    For info, the stands on order for my P3s are Something Solid XF. They're going to take >200 from my wallet and it's too late to cancel. I'm pretty sure yours is a better approach than mine.

    Ben from UK. Harbeth Super HL5 owner.

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    I found the Oddvar a little too low for my C7 and prefer 50-52 cm instead of 45. If the height it's fine to you ok, otherwise it is easy to glue a 5-7 cm wooden frame or blocks on top of the seating. Pine wood is widely available at different seizes at your local DIY-shop. (Gamma, Praxis, Formido in Holland) The Ikea Bosse stool is the one i use. I glued a 7 cm wooden frame on top, painted the stool black, and use transparent silicon dots all over the frame to protect the C7 veneer from scratching. It's solid and cheap.

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