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Thread: Harbeth prize winners in Japan's Stereo Sound magazine, "No.177 Winter 2011"

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    Default Japanese translation ....

    Gokurosama deshita!

    (Japanese expression, not directly translatable but means something like "thanks for your hard work, effort and sacrifice".)

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    Default Record Geijutsu, Japan P3ESR review

    Many thanks for the translation. We really appreciate it.

    Here is another cutting, from Record Geijutsu magazine from Japan. Again interesting how the Japanese magazines really dig into the heart of the speaker.

    We've recently pulled together 25+ years of press cuttings into five very large scrap books. By far the majority of press coverage of Harbeth products have been published in Japanese, one of the most challenging consumer electronics markets in the world.
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    Default P3ESR in Stereophile Loudspeaker of the Year 2010 v. Wilson Audio at 12x price

    Congratulations to everyone at Harbeth!

    Incidentally, the P3ESR was a runner-up in Stereophile's Loudspeaker of the Year awards for 2010. The category was won by a Wilson Audio speaker that cost roughly 12 times the P3ESR's price in the US. Clearly, you guys are doing something right!

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    Default StereoSound - translation as "excellent"

    Quote Originally Posted by harbethpr View Post
    Here's one, from Stereo magazine. It translates as "excellent"!
    I thought that this article was translated. Is it possible to get it translated?


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