This week-end take place in Montreal the annual SSI (Salon Son et Image) hifi show. It is well known by many and one of the best hifi show in North America's East coast. Harbeth was represented via Son Ideal, one of the two Montreal's official Harbeth dealer.

I had the chance to hear for the first time the famous Harbeth P3ESR. And what a fresh breeze of sound compare to the rest of the show. The Harbeth family really excels with a natural sound without listening fatigue.

I was shock to see, well hear, that so many system out there at the show sound too much aggressive, forward and not natural. I don't know how those companies want their speakers to sound, but many of them are in my opinion in the wrong way.

I don't experienced "the 2011 sound" in the way it is described in the "UK hifi shows and exhibitions" thread with a roll of in the top end, but the "2011 sound" was often irritant. Also, many rooms where playing too loud. Which is not the greatest way to judge the balance of a speaker at low or moderate volume. Only about 3 or 4 companies had my attention and respect for that show.

The Harbeth P3ESR demo was excellent. As I own the SHL5, I can quickly figure via the P3ESR the "Harbeth's family sound". They are amazing little boxes.