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Thread: C7 or P3 affixed to a wall?

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    John Smith Guest

    Default C7 or P3 affixed to a wall?

    I'm interested in Harbeth Loudspeakers and have been reading this and other forums for a few months.

    I'm considering the Compact7 or P3 and have some questions.

    Would either of these speakers perform well fastened to a wall?

    Thank you,

    John Smith

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    John Smith Guest

    Default Max spl of C7

    What is the max. [email protected] of the C7?

    This assumes quality amplification not driven to clipping.

    Has anyone put an SPL meter on their C7's ?

    This may seem an odd question but it helps me to compare them with other speakers that I am familiar with.

    Thank you,

    John Smith

    {Moderator`s comment: we do not have this info as it is not relevant to the use of Harbeth speakers. You can search here for a full discussion or Members will explain. Our target listening level is a safe healthy 85dB or so.}

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    Phil100 Guest

    Default Sound of speaker + room = the sound you hear

    @John Smith: I suspect you didn't get much of an answer because you haven't specified the geometry of your room, how it is damped (ie soft furnishings and hard surfaces), or how and exactly where you are planning to mount the speakers. The sound of speakers is the sound of the room-speaker acoustic system.

    I actually have exactly the same question(!) but will post my room geometry in a new thread to avoid confusion with your question.

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