The questions that arrive daily at Harbeth UKs mail inbox are typically these ...

Will my amp work with your speakers?
What is the best Harbeth speaker for my room/music/budget
Can you look-up the serial numbers and tell me when they were made?
My child has destroyed my Harbeth speaker. Can you send a spare part to me directly in an overseas country bypassing the importer/local dealer? {No, never}
What cable should I use?
How loud should I listen?
How should I clean my Harbeths?
Can I place my Harbeths against the wall?
Will Harbeth's work well in a completely undamped minimalist room?
How much power do I need to drive Harbeths?
Are Harbeths an easy electrical load for the amplifier?
I've see a pair of Harbeths second hand. Do you think the price is reasonable?
Are spares available for Harbeths made twenty years ago? {See the Spares Matrix}

etc. etc. etc.

Upon investigation these and hundreds of almost identical emails have valiantly handled by Harbeth UK staff on a one-to one basis for months and years. But it is exhausting. Almost every question has already been answered repeatedly in minute detail here on the Harbeth User Group! That's why this forum exists! If you have a question please thoroughly search and read here on the Harbeth User Group.. Question still not answered? Good idea: post your question here so that one answer from us is on file for all to read. It's free! It releases time for us to concentrating on manufacturing and reducing the lead time!

Your local dealer is both legally and professionally committed to helping you in every way to achieve good sound at home within your financial budget. He should always be your first point of contact. We will not ever bypass a dealer.

Remember! If you have a new question that's not covered here already it's probably an interesting one - share it with us all and post it here (you must become a member to do so.) We'll all do our best to reply.