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Thread: Happy Canada Day to all

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    Red face Happy Canada Day to all

    It is Canada's birthday today! The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge are here celebrating with us. Hoist a cold favorite drink while listening to your Harbeths!


    BTW does Prince William have Harbeths? And if not,why not...

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    Default Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Canada visit

    Let's celebrate the joyous time that the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (our future Monarchs) have had in Canada. They've been very warmly welcomed. Here and here.

    BBC clip here showing Prince William landing a UK made Search and Rescue* type helicopter (which he flies in the UK) on water.

    *Search and Rescue is a public service, established in 1941 in light of the number of Allied aircrew killed in the English Channel during the Battle of Britain. It is hard to believe now but during WW2 there was no established routine for rescuing pilots (or seamen) who crash landed/sank in British waters. Many died of cold. An emergency meeting was convened by Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris in 1941 which subsequently created the Directorate of Air Sea Rescue. This later became the RAF Search and Rescue Force. Now the main beneficiary of 60 years of Search and Rescue is members of the public stranded in difficult to reach parts of the coastline, in boats after technical failure or sickness or injury. The service is free to all.
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