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Thread: Van Damme speaker cables

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Van Damme speaker cables


    Im thinking about trying the Van Damme Studio Blue Grade with my SHL5. My question is which would be the best choice: 2,5 mm - 4,0 mm - 6,0 mm?

    Hope You can help me in the right direction

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    LarsS Guest

    Default Van Damme

    I am using the 4mm Van Damme, not the blue but the transparent "Hi-Fi" type with my SHL5. I have not tested the other 2mm and 6mm types. I think in electrical terms they will all do the job, but since they are very cheap by Hi-Fi standards, buy the 6mm.

    I am very pleased with the Van Damme and so is my wallet...... I have never used cables costing more than 40 per metre and the Van Damme is just as good as these, in my opinion.

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Van Damme

    Thank You Lars... Think I will try the Van Damme Studio Blue Grade 6mm then. Not much harm done at that price.

    BTW. Isnt it also Van Damme Studio Blue Grade that Alan Shaw uses inside the SHL5s and Harbeth in generel (in newer production - my speakers are from production feb 2011) or is it only the internal wirering of the 30th Anniversary models?

    Maybe Alan or some of the kind people at Harbeth are willing to contribute to this?

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    Default Buy music, not speaker cables!

    I believe it was used in the Anniversary model as you state, but my knowledge is limited. However, I use the 4mm Van Damme Blue with my SHL5's and I'm very pleased with the results. I have tried more expensive cables, but really cannot see the point and would rather buy more music.

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Life is too short for exotic cables!

    Hi GreatGig

    I agree with You. I have tried more expensive cables. There are sonic differences in cables. But more cost doesn't mean the best result. Life is too short for expensive investments in exotic cables ;-)

    I have ordered the Van Damme 6mm cable as we speak.

    The Van Damme should also be the internal wire of the Monitor 40.1. Therefore I wondered if its a general feature in newer production of Harbeth in general?.... Where are the folks at Harbeth? :-)

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