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Thread: Home-made videos from the designer ....

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    Really interested by this A.S.
    Thanks for exploring these areas with us.

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    Default More efforts to produce TechTalk videos

    The discussion about which-amp-which-speaker which has worn my typing fingers to mere stubs and reminds me that if I actually showed you, looking over my shoulder as I design, what precautions I take to ensure that the impedance load the speaker presents to the amp is benign, this may hopefully allay any needless anxiety. You say that some other speaker designers create loudspeakers that present a difficult load to their driving amplifier. As I don't read hifi magazines I have to take your word for it - but why audio equipment manufacturers would want to put avoidable financial hurdles between themselves and prospective customers I don't understand.

    So today, we internally discussed devoting more effort to the TechTalk video section. Are there any subjects which could be covered in no more than 5 minute bites that you'd like to see here? Suggestion list ....

    1) The difficulty of achieving a target (flat?) loudspeaker frequency response whilst offering an easy electrical load to the driving amplifier
    2) ....

    (Whilst you are thinking about this, here is an unrelated explanation video I recently made for Victoria, or personal fitness trainer, who is limbering-up to making a series of Harbeth exercise videos. She's gamely offered to do all the editing, and just needed a little help to get her going. These same desktop-recording facilities I'll use to make our new TechTalks - very quick and easy for us to use - see here.)
    Alan A. Shaw
    Designer, owner
    Harbeth Audio UK

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    Default Difficult speaker load is a badge of honour?

    I really don't believe that many speaker manufacturers give much of a thought to designing an easy load. In fact, some wear it like a badge when their speakers need massive, expensive amps to give of their best.

    Bit like having an ASBO - it should be shameful but some treat it like an award !!!

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    Default SME's example

    Quote Originally Posted by GregD View Post
    That would be fascinating Alan! Really looking forward to seeing how Harbeth make the magic happen.
    British turntable company, SME, have done that kind of video. You can find them on Youtube. I found them very interesting and helpful to understand the building of such beautiful turntables.


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