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Thread: HL Compact - Is it possible for installing super treble (after-market upgrade)

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    Default HL Compact - Is it possible for installing super treble (after-market upgrade)

    Dear all,

    My friend is using HL Compact speaker, the question is that is it possible to install super treble for it, such as ST-50, is there some improvement or some disadvantage with it? because he has auditioned my SHL5 and he want to improve his HL Compact.
    Thank you for your kind support,
    Best regards,

    {Moderator's comment: what is "super treble" "ST-50". Never heard of such a thing.}

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    Default supertweeters...

    Quote Originally Posted by nong-dan View Post

    {Moderator's comment: what is "super treble" "ST-50". Never heard of such a thing.}
    think it is the Tannoy super-tweeter. A pair might come close to 1K USD. Imo, there is not much energy up in the treble, and to claim that it can augment up to 54kHz (when CD frequency response is cut off) seems a bit of a waste.

    i'd tend a liking towards overall speaker balance. its the magic which comes with good designer judgement. a supertweeter by itself means nothing.

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    Default Want SHL5 sound? Then buy SHL5!

    Hi Nong-Dan,

    Things are not as simple as it may seem. You don't just add a Super Tweeter (ST-50 Tannoy ?) to a compact in the hope that it will sound like SHL-5. I have heard numerous spks with add on super tweeters & there are often issues pertaining to coherence of overall presentation.

    In my opinion, if your friend wants to have the SHL-5 sound, the only way is to buy a pair of SHL-5. If the room is not able to accomodate SHL-5, then he should be looking at the C7ES3. Much as the original Compact is still good, but the latest offerings from Harbeths are much better. The highs from the SHL-5 sound like a natural extension from the midrange & not separated from the rest of the range as what one gets from add on tweeters.

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    nong-dan Guest

    Default Super-tweeter and noting to benefit overall?

    Dear Kittykat & Gan CK,
    Thank you for your comments, in my opinoin i think that if we arrange super tweeter St-50 Tannoy, it will not be affected much more treble improvement, and may be
    more complicate, so i will advise him to replace other modern of Herbeth is best way,
    Thanks again!

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    Default Magic of the RADIAL woofer

    Replacing the compacts with the SHL5 will gain him much more than only a supertweeter. He will be able to hear the 'magic' of the Radial woofer, which surely has the most impact on the complete sound.

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