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Thread: P3ESRs, Compact 7, Super HL5, M30s, How Do They Differ In Sound?

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    Default P3ESRs, Compact 7, Super HL5, M30s, How Do They Differ In Sound?

    Given equal feeds and rooms, how would the the above 4 speakers differ in sound? Most bass, smoothest highs, etc.

    I've read, and read, and read, but still have no idea how they differ in "sound".
    Thanks to all.

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    Default My first listening to Harbeth diary notes

    I wrote down my own findings here:

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    Default The Harbeth shines

    To keep it simple, I'd personally sum up as I've done before... The Harbeth family share far, far more than they differ. Any "difference" is as much to do with the physical size of the enclosures and drivers as anything else. This makes choosing a Harbeth much easier than with some other ranges, where different models at different price-points are aimed at different target audiences and sound different accordingly.

    The one "slight" exception could be the Monitor 30, which isn't so different at all, but possibly having a touch, and I mean just a touch, less bass energy and therefore a "brighter" upper mid as a result. We're talking tiny differences here though and again, I suspect the cabinet size offers most of this (I have compared my LS5/9's to the M30's and confirm the claims of "drop-in replacement for the former, but I digress - the Harbeth midrange shines through with ease )...

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