I have Harbeth 40.1 for a few weeks at my place and I'm still not able to 'find out' how to get proper sound that I expected. Mid and hi are lets say 'correct', but bass is so 'broomy' and cover all music picture in a way that there is no place for enjoying music. My other equipment is as follows:

amp | Accuphase E 305
source | Accuphase DP 67
cables | Inacoustic (reference serial)

My room is 6 x 4 mm and I put a speakers smaller side - 1.5 from the beck wall and 1m from the side wall, with 2m between speakers and my listening position is about 3m in front of the speakers. Carpet is in front of the speakers and one side wall is all in 'heavy curtains'.

Any ideas how to fix this problem and get better sound?

Cheers mates

{Moderator's comment: any chance you could send some pictures?