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Thread: Speakers for Leben Cs300, 15W output

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    gidion27 Guest

    Default Speakers for Leben Cs300, 15W output

    Hi All,

    I only needed to start looking for new speakers for my Leben amp (had mishap with current speakers). The Leben has relative small 15 w output and therefore needs relative sencitive speakers. I am taken by the Harbeth design and am currently looking for a local dealer. (New Zealand) to listen to them.

    I am however interested to see if anybody on this forum has experience with the Leben and any of the Harbeth speakers?

    Looking forward to hear from you


    {Moderator's comment: spelling of our brand name 'Harbeth' corrected.}

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    Drdennis Guest

    Default Leben and C7ES3

    Search recent thread on this very topic. I enjoy the combination of Harbeth C7ES3 and Leben CS300XS in my 12'x12'x9' room. I listen primarily to jazz, vocals and chamber music.

    I have compared this combination to an LFD Mk IV which I prefer for full symphony. If you have a larger room, listen at loud levels and gravitate towards symphonic music or rock you may want to consider a more powerful amp.

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    Default You NZ dealer

    Hi Gidion27.
    Your local dealer is Parmenter Sound and the fellow's name is Jason.

    Jason will fill you in on the Harbeth model line.

    cheers, Noel.

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    gidion27 Guest

    Default My room

    thank you for your reply.

    My listening room is the same size as yours but I listen mainly at low volumes to Blues, Ska and Reggea.

    Thanks and cheers for the advice

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    Default Capable 15W Leben + Billy Jean

    The 15w of Leben is quite capable. The other day 2 friends were very surprised by Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. The dynamics and bass even from tiny P3ESRs when pushed can be quite good.

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    gidion27 Guest

    Default Contact NZ

    Cheers Noel. Will get hold of him.

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