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Thread: Speaker positioning & Amplifier matching for P3ESR

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    Question Speaker positioning & Amplifier matching for P3ESR

    Newbie here as I am considering buying some Harbeth P3ESR loudspeakers.

    3 Q's:

    Like nearly every small speaker apart from Kans, they are recommended for free standing use (I assume this to mean >90cm from walls in all directions). However, in common with a significant minority of the market for mini monitors, I have no option but to put them in the corners of a small book-filled room. What will this mean?

    Re amp matching, I'm planning on using them with an Exposure Super XV, which is a decent solid state integrated amplifier rated at 55wpc/250va. It sems pretty speaker agnostic, so that good speakers sound good and bad speakers sound bad. Can anyone here report on how these sound with these older Exposure designs?

    Finally, what might an ideal pair of stands to go with them be (preferably not too expensive!)?

    thanks all

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    Default P3ESRs and wall position / Exposure / Something Solid / Partington

    Most of my P3ESR customers are using their speakers closer to the walls than 90cm and they work well. They do produce far more bass than you would expect of such a small speaker so a bit of space is desirable for lowest colouration.

    The Exposure will be just fine with the P3ESR.

    Stands. I always use Something Solid XF and they have a new model on the way which promises to be good. Others I have used are Partington but there are other manufacturers with models to suit but don't scrimp in this area.

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