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Thread: The almost rectangular room - damping

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    Default The almost rectangular room - damping

    Hi everyone,

    Since I moved last month to a new apartment, I'm now working on my audio set-up and speaker's positioning and room damping. I'd like to have your comments specially on my room treatment.

    This room is almost rectangular and it included the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. All in all we are talking of 24 feet wide with the living room section at 15 ' deep by 11' wide. The ceiling are at 8'. My sound system and my listening position are in that section. The rest of the place is 18' deep by 10' wide. It is the dining room and the kitchen section. In the end of that big room there is a corridor 3' wide. The floor is made of wood and the walls are made of drywall. I have two big windows on the rear wall of the room.

    The speakers are on the long wall side. The left one at about 1m from each wall. In the corner behind it, I have many books on a shelf because I discovered quickly that the bass resonated a lot there. The other speaker is more free on each of its sides but it's still 1m from the rear wall. Both of the speakers are separated by 7 feet and I sit at 12 feet from the speakers.

    On the side wall of the living room, there is my rig, after the shelves which content a thousand lp. In the corner opposite to the left speaker, another shelf with lot of cd. In the center of this place, there's a wood table and a carpet of 4' x 7' on the floor.

    On the dining room and kitchen side of the room, not so many things. A wood table, chairs, oven, fridge, etc...

    I'd like to have your opinion about the way I can improve the acoustic of the room by using things that fit naturally in such a room (curtain, carpet, painting, books, mirror, etc.). The Women Acceptance Factor (WAF) is so-so even if Miss likes the music very much. As you understand, the room is at the heart of our house and acoustic treatment must combine well with the room decoration.

    I'll be happy to read your comments and suggestions.


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    Default A simple sketch?

    Hello. I read your thread and found the math very confusing as it seems like your listening area is 15 ft deep x 11 ft wide .You are positioning the speakers on the long wall 1 meter ( 3 ft ) from the back wall 7 ft separating the speakers. This leaves you 8 ft from the speakers to the wall but you are saying your sitting position is 12 ft from the speakers.

    Sorry if i am misunderstanding your thread but i also am trying to gather information to place my speakers when they arrive. If it is just me that can't do the maths then disregard this reply but if others are confused then maybe a simple sketch or easier description will get you some good info. Regards.

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    Default A sketch would really help

    Yes, a bit confusing without a sketch. Perhaps draw it out on a piece of paper and just snap a pic with your mobile phone to post here?

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