We take our responsibilities of providing you with a good quality, durable product very seriously. Harbeth has a network of Authorised Distributors and Dealers in many countries. All are exclusively responsible for satisfying customers in their territory.

If you feel that you have any issue at any time with a Harbeth loudspeaker, the correct route to a speedy and satisfactory resolution is this:

  1. Please contact the dealer that you purchased from
  2. Have available all invoices and proof of purchase
  3. Give the dealer a detailed explanation of the issue, ideally with photographs if appropriate
  4. Confirm the conversation with the dealer by sending a follow-up email to the dealer
  5. Keep a copy of all correspondence with the dealer
  6. Give the dealer a reasonable time to respond
  7. Be prepared to carefully pack the speakers and take them to the dealers for investigation
  8. After inspection, allow the dealer a few days to prepare his analysis

If the dealer agrees that there is a service issue, providing you have met the Warranty conditions, remedial work will be undertaken by the dealer with no charge for the parts. Postings to the Harbeth User Group concerning service claims or Warranty issues that bypass the above process are not permitted as they cannot achieve a better or faster resolution to your issue than one-to-one with your original supplier.

Please note: we cannot offer Warranty if the goods were diverted from the originally intended Harbeth dealer and sold in another territory. This means that internet sales cannot be covered by Harbeth's Warranty. The Warranty applies only to the first purchaser and is not transferable. All serial numbers and identifying labels must be original and will be validated by Harbeth.