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Thread: Multiple-postings of the same question - please don't!

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    Default Multiple-postings of the same question - please don't!

    Recently, we have had the exact same basic question asked in identical postings by the same member. Each time, a new Thread was started. We here assumed that this was an innocent mistake by the member. We removed what was clearly a duplicate thread. A week later and the same question was asked yet again and another completely new Thread was started. We emailed the poster to explain that he had duplicated again, and to be patient and await replies which would follow. The Thread and duplicate post were removed by us.

    The member told that this is not a satisfactory response from us and has now transferred his interest to another brand and cancelled his membership here. I really don't know what more we could do - duplicate and identical postings only confuse and we did have the courtesy to advise him in detail of our actions in public and in private.

    There is a problem with the creation of new Threads. Once they start to accumulate replies - even if they have been created in the wrong section of the Harbeth User Group, editing or repositioning them in a more appropriate or logical place is not easy. But if we don't control the placement of threads, the HUG becomes difficult to navigate.

    So, please try and post into an existing thread, or at least create a new thread in an appropriate forum (main subject heading) here. Thank you!
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    Default Re: Multiple-postings of the same question - please don't!

    Remind posters to use the Search function for questions where there may already be answers.

    I am guilty myself of posting some news item or something similar that I didn't notice had been posted due to a different topic heading I would have chosen.

    Also, bear in mind that this is an iternational site, so English may not come very easily for those posters.

    I am still trying to translate into English myself from my native Louisiana tongue!

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