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Thread: Technical questions to Harbeth's designer

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    Default Re: TechTalk videos .... and long term archiving etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by A.S. View Post
    ...We have recorded about 800GB of raw video footage in the past few years covering many aspects of the design and manufacture including videos of measurement sessions at the BBC chamber, village hall and outside in the garden. I think Trevor has mentioned that now we've figured out how to put videos on the website we will start to roll out more next year. We are now very much aware that what we record here may well have a long term curiosity value for future generations and we're trying to use the best current technology to archive as we go. Video recordings we've made since April 09 (such as at the X-Ffactor studios) have been filmed in widescreen 16:9 HD direct to hard disk in the camera. Before that it was 4:3 SD.

    I'm aware that as internet speeds increase as we eventually go to an all-fibre network we can re-master from the original source files so we aim for the best possible source quality.
    Sign me up as customer #1 for the DVD/Blu-Ray documentary ;-)

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    Default Unequal cable lengths - any problem or not?

    With the amp on one side of the room, is it ok for the speaker cable runs to the two speakers to be of unequal lengths? I thought not, but my recent professional cable installation was done with 3 metres of cable for one speaker and 15 for the other. Decent quality 4mm square section copper cable. Are the unequal lengths a factor?

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    Default Screw torques?

    Should the woofer and tweeter screws be tightened to specific torques? Are there any torque specifications available somewhere?

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