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Thread: Screw Force vs. Performance

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    Dear Alan,

    I currently owned M30 & M20 for over 5 year, and they did bring a lot of fun to me, really appreciated.
    Recently, I removed the front cover, and found out that several screws were rusted. (I thought this issue could be caused by the humid weather here.)
    Since my apartment is far away from local dealer, I am considering to replace them by myself.
    The question right now is that: do you have any torque/force requirement to tighten the screw (maybe refer to the production line specification) ?
    My friends always tell me that the force to the screw could affect the performance of the speaker. But I am thinking that unless the screw damage the speaker unit, otherwise, if the screw is carefully tighten, the speaker performance should be the same as before.
    Is that true?
    Thanks for your answer!


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    Default Re: Screw Force vs. Performance

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the torque used for tightening those screws. Just make sure that they are reasonably hand tight or tightened with an electric screwdriver on a low-to-medium setting. There is no advantage whatever by over-tightening and you could strip the screw heads which looks ugly and may then shed small metal particles which could work their way into the magnet.

    So, just use common sense. It's rather like changing the wheel on your car: hand tight is much better than machine tight .... especially if you break down at night on an unlit road and just can't budge the machine tight wheel nuts!
    Alan A. Shaw
    Designer, owner
    Harbeth Audio UK

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