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Thread: Harbeth Newsletter: No.17, July 2009

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    Default Harbeth Newsletter: No.17, July 2009

    Harbeth Newsletter: No.17, July 2009

    There is a lot of exciting news again this time. The most recent issue of our regular newsletter gives the latest details of the P3ESR mini monitor which is taking the world by storm.

    We hear about the very warm welcome from distrubutors and customers around the world who are listening to the very first pairs, and how four man-years of investment has made it all possible.

    Other news is of Harbeth's success in winning a Golden Ear from USA magazine 'The Absolute Sound' for the flagship M40.1 monior, plus Michael Jackson's infulence on the Harbeth sound.

    Please let us know of items you would like to see covered in future issues. It's always good to hear from our readers.
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