As you know, Harbeth speakers are very reliable and our customers are mature users who respect their ears and their speakers! Accidents can happen though.

I just want to mention that the cost of carriage from Harbeth UK direct to an overseas address (we normally use UPS) has increased dramatically with "fuel surcharges" and other hidden cost increases. We co not like to use regular post (Royal Mail) because it is not always cheaper, takes longer and we do not get a signature to confirm safe arrival. They are currently on strike.

This message is just to say that we are aware that the cost to us which we pass-on of sending small packets overseas can be almost as much as the cost of the enclosed spare parts. You can minimise your carriage costs if:

- You first check with the dealer, then importer in your country if he has spares. Contractually, this is the correct way to start the process of ordering spares.

- If the retailer or importer has spares in his local stock, then the cost of sending those to you is minimised

- If the retailer/importer doesn't have local spare parts available then we can add the necessary parts to his next regular bulk speaker system order and there will be no carriage charged from UK to your country.

We try to make the parcels as small, light weight and best protected as we can to minimise your carriage costs. Our small Administration charges (handling correspondence, finding a suitable part, testing it, preparing the invoice, individually packing, calling UPS, handing parcel to them etc. is included in our carriage cost. In future we may be forced to make a separate Admin charge if carriage costs continue to increase.