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Thread: Requesting a Harbeth made subwoofer

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    Alternatively, you can contact him here in the thread below.

    I believe his username is trh8654 in this forum.

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    Default Re: Requesting a Harbeth made subwoofer

    Quote Originally Posted by Supersnake View Post
    I spoke to the English agent who sells the SLX200. He looked up some specifications on the LFD zero III and told me it being a Class A/B should pose no problems. I told him that some Harbeth forum members cautioned me to be sure the LFD can be connected to a netrik/high level. His reply was that he saw no reason to be concerned.

    I was told that the UPS carriage (freight charge) to ship from England to where I live in the United States would cost $250 pounds. He offered to check with a private shipper in Great Britain or Ireland that may be less expensive. On top of the carriage there would also be USA import tariffs. Hearing this discourage me and I decided to look around for a different subwoofer that can be purchased in the United States.

    And so I did...

    Now I would like to get either the REL T3 for $598 (USD)
    or a REL T2 for $798 (USD)
    Hi supersnake,
    Thanks for the info.
    I think if you need a sub for music only, REL is the one you can not miss. REL initial goal was a pure music sub for stereo. The REL's high level connection is all abt sub synergy with any stereo setup. If you can find older model like Strata, Storm, etc, are worth trying. As I mentioned, I heard a very old Strata 1 (at least 15yrs old)matched pretty well with SHL5. The sound is so good and now, even I failed in pass, I must try the REL sub again.


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