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Thread: Forget cables! This is WAY beyond ...

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    thanks unleash_me for the article. its very interesting. the harbeths seem to me to be the only consistent aspect of the music reproduction chain which can produce great sounding, foot tapping stuff for me.from the article id also like to add that casual non interested parties who have no interest in what we do eg. wives and girlfriends can sometimes have the most profound input into our hobbies. im not sure if its out of spite but i know my wife has said that "amp" (normally the cheaper one) sounds better. i think, with a lot of pain, she is right.

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    unleash_me Guest

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    Couldn't agree with you more Kittykat. I had moved from Wharfedale, Monitor Audio, Dali and ProAc to finally reach Harbeth. None of these aforementioned speakers could give me the kind of sonic purity I get from SHL5.

    Regarding cables, I'm using the signature series from Chord for interconnects and cables but then again, these have been with me for years and quite frankly I haven't tried many. Power cords however are all stock ones.


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    Hello Eric,
    I used a friends unit for my audiion.I purchased my unit from Bryan(owner)of Gramophone Records in Edmonton,,although I live Calgary.Bryan is a great fellow.He also happens to be a Harbeth dealer.Where do you live Canada?If you go on to the Audience web page,it will tell you where the nearest dealer is.Best.

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    Thanks Drew. I live in Vancouver, but as it happens I've just ordered an item from Bryan - one of the new HRT Music Streamer II+, for which he is the only Canadian authorized dealer. I'll look into the Audience gear at some point.


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