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Thread: Is Harbeth your first Loudspeaker?

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    Harbeths were the second speaker brand I owned after I originally had a pair of Rogers LS4a in the late eighties. Around that time I was working in a BBC local Radio station and heard the LS3/5a, I thought it was good but not perfect and room for some improvement. Enter the HL-P3 in the 90's which I bought (pair in Walnut) almost immediately after their release amongst very favourable reviews and I fell in love with them instantly. Now after many years of not having any hi fi due to finances I'm getting a pair of P3ESR's which will compliment a line up of other British mini monitors I currently now own. I have to say I'm looking forward with a lot of excitement to hearing the Harbeth sound again and any improvements they've since made since the original P3, the anticipation is nearly killing me.

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    LarsS Guest


    the first "serious" speaker I bought was a KEF Kit 3 in 1970 or thereabout. Then I decided to buy a "decent" speaker, a Spendor BC1.
    But I also had a Radford M90 kit during that time. In 1988 on my way back from England, after a rather sad experience I spotted a review of the RUARK Broadsword in an HIFI magazine bought at the airport. I thought they might cheer me up a bit so I bought a pair. Next in line was the RUARK Crusader II, bought because I wanted something bigger and better?. Well after 10 years with them, I began to read about Harbeth and got more and more tempted. After all so many people can not be wrong. A pair of SHL5 was bought without even having heard a single note through any Harbeth, but I was for some reason so confident it did not matter.
    They are staying, the SHL5 just play music, sometimes stunning and sometimes not, depending on the recording. I has been quite a long trip to end with Harbeth
    for me, you get older and wiser.

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