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Thread: Commercially Sensitive Information

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    Default Asking for confidential commercial information

    We are willing and able to discuss most hi-fi related issues, and those relating to British life which fills-out the background culture around Harbeth.

    For obvious reasons of commercial confidentiality, we are not able to reply to questions about specific production processes, costing, pricing, margins, exact availability in your area, quantity, quality, supplier, sourcing or any other information if we suspect that information could be used by a competitor or would-be competitors in the UK or overseas. Your local Harbeth outlet will certainly be able to supply appropriate information.

    Our decision in this matter is absolutely final in the interests of protecting our brand and company for the long term. We apologise if you are curious about what business people refer to as 'commercially sensitive information'. Where we feel that we can disclose information to a general audience we will continue to do so.

    Questions that ask for sensitive information will be declined, ignored and/or deleted. This is common business practice. Thank you for your understanding.

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    Default Commercially Sensitive Information

    This summarized description of definition extracted from the FOI [Freedom of Information Act] encompasses the above term which may be helpful to us who are still unsure what actually it means.

    The following are examples of information that may based on experience come within the definition of "financial, commercial, scientific or other information":

    • statements of financial information containing audited balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of companies, information on costs of production, revenue earned, etc...

    • information as to a company's pricing structure

    • information in the nature of operating and financial information, future strategies, expected export market movements, selling prices and overseas customers

    . Some categories of information, such as current client lists, production costs, hourly rates to be charged by a contractor or statistical information relevant to licensing applications

    • Although the information itself has little or no financial value, would its release result in the person or business incurring a financial loss. For example, the knowledge in the market place that a particular business is thinking of diversifying, may cause the price of its shares to drop

    • information on the production costs and market share in an industry could be used by competitors in conjunction with what was already known, to advance their position in the marketplace

    • disclosure of the date of the licensing application would reveal at what stage in the production and marketing of a product, the company was. Competitors seeking to copy the product once available for sale, would be advantaged by being prepared ahead of time

    • were a competitor to know the details of a company's transfer pricing or its profit margins, that information could be used to prejudice that company's position in the market place

    More information.


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