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Thread: Which Harbeth for my Naim Supernait Setup ?

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    And finally......after a bit less that one year with the Proac D28 (very nice speaker in a Medium/bigger room but if small..forget them).......i'm back in my livingroom with a pair of C7-se3 in front of me ;-)))
    Tks to all of you for your support and your help during my quest.

    So my Supernait/Hicap and my Cd5x are now paired with those beauty...... have to tune a bit, but sounds good so far.


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    This is my second post. I reply because this thread is of interest for me as I am a Supernait owner, I am not using a HiCap, though, rather an old Snaps which I recapped and modified to dual-rail. The result is a smoother, perhaps more timbre-accurate psu than the muscular HiCap.
    And I am looking for a chance to hear Compact 7s. They would probably be a very significant and lasting upgrade for me. I have small stand mounts from Naim, I am perhaps a die-hard Naim user but wish to move to a more involving speaker. Strangely enough, I have always found Naim's house sound to be more of a refined, intellectual nature than of a spontaneous one. Perhaps it's time that I move to different speakers...
    I'll continue to follow such threads carefully. I greatly appreciate the civil and communicative atmosphere of this forum.

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