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Thread: Harbeth SHL5 with Audio Research VSi60

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Harbeth SHL5 with Audio Research VSi60


    Hope that some of You can help me on this issue!?

    Im currently the happy owner of Audio Research VSi60.... Has any of You any experience with the combo VSi60 and Harbeth SHL5?

    If any of You have been listning to other Audio Research amplifiers together with SHL5 its also of interest


    Best regards

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    Default Audio Research amps & SHL5

    I have used Audio Research amps with the Harbeth SHL5 and they work just fine as you would expect. I haven't used the model you have but I don't envisage any problems whatsoever.

    As always, I would suggest you try the speakers in your system before deciding.

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Audio Research + SHL5

    Thanks... I will do that. SHL5 is my first choice for an audition with my Audio Research. If all I read is true about the SHL5, they are very likely to be my next speaker!

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default SHL5 with Audio Research?

    Still waiting for my SHL5 (rosewood).... While waiting it could be very interesting to hear about others who has heard- or own Harbeths together with Audio Research gear. Sure there must be others who own Harbeth and Audio Research together!!??

    Thanks and merry X-mas :-)

    Best regards

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default Awaiting my SHL5

    Hi Jim Connely

    Since this thread is all about Audio Research VSi60 I will continue writing here.

    Thats correct regarding the KT120 in the VSi60. And its the only "change" thats made to the VSi60. You can simply swap the 6550 tubes to the new KT120. Nothing is changed indside the amp. Everything is the same besides the new KT120. In other words its plug and play. Since I own the VSi60 Im sure going to try the KT120.

    I havent received my Harbeth SHL5 yet. But Ive been told that its a perfect match with the VSi60. So Im looking very much forward to the arrival of my new SHL5 in 2011.


    Best regards

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    GoldVit Guest

    Default SHL5 and Audio Research

    Hi Holberg,

    I just recently purchased a pair of SHL5's. I'm using them with an Audio Research VSi60 amp and also an Audio Research CD5. I'm really enjoying the sound so far. I've changed a lot of components over the last couple of years(I have a very patient and understanding supplier) but I feel differently with this setup and I can imagine I will stay with it for a bit.


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    GoldVit Guest

    Default SHL5's with Audio Research

    Hi Holberg,

    I just recently purchased a pair of SHL5's and I'm using them with two Audio Research components, a VSi60 amplifier and a CD5 cd player. After several component changes over the last couple of years(thanks to a very patient and understanding supplier) I feel I'm now with a setup I think I'm going to stay with for a bit.

    Sure, the Harbeths didn't immediately "wow" me but I am definitely warming to them very quickly.


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    Luna lun Guest

    Default VT100iii + SHL5

    I use Vt100iii with SHL5. It is a matter of taste but I find the VT100 sounded better with audiophile- speakers which emphasise on top end air, soundstage and refinement. Harbeths match better with amps that emphasise on tone and textures and with less feedbacks. I still got the VT100 but using mostly the Audio Space M34 (upgraded) monos.

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    HOLBERG Guest

    Default SHL5 rosewood arrived in Denmark

    Thanks for telling about Harbeth and Audio Research. I just got informed from my dealer in Denmark that my long awaited SHL5 in rosewood has arrived. Hope to pick them up sometime next week, and I will write a bit about my impressions.

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    HOLBERG Guest


    I have lived with this combination for a few month now. Let me start by saying that this is a stunning match with VSi60 and SHL5.

    The musical presentation is 2nd to none and You quickly forget everything about listning to technique. Its all about the heart and soul of the music. So natural and so clean with no trace of harshness. Yes, natural sound is what it is. This is what this hobby is all about to my taste.... MUSIC!!!

    Thank You Alan and the staff at Harbeth for making such wonderful speakers!

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