Australia's Hifi magazine describes the ''perfection'' of our M30.2 40th anniversary model

Australian Hifi magazine, Aushifi recently reviewed our M30.2 40th anniversary model - describing ''the perfection of the midrange'' as well as the ''glorious'' natural sound.

He went on to say while ''listening to Tomorrow, the opening track on Rachel Collis's album Nightlight, the 30.2 Anniversaries delivery was so ambient that if I closed my eyes, I could really imagine she was singing in the room.'' In conclusion, he states ''to buy a pair of Harbeth Monitor 30.1 or a pair of Harbeth 30.2 Anniversaries becomes a hard decision because they're both superb-sounding speaker'' but ''I'd put the 30.2 Anniversaries ahead by a nose''


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Harbeth Live Series featuring Sylvette

Today we launched our second episode of our exclusive Harbeth Live series. Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, the series will include three video's released throughout 2018 featuring British Music Artists, the second of which stars Sylvette.

Recorded at EVE studio, the video features up and coming band,Sylvette playing their latest song. The band were ''excited'' by the detail in which the P3ESR speakers allowed them to ''differentiate and analyse each individuals performance.''

When it came to the recording, the aim was to make the reproduction of the sound as faithful to the original Live performance as possible, with the audio then mastered in Duet's editing suite on Harbeth's flagship M40.2.

Watch the full-length version of the performance here. There is also a short edit to view here

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China's New Audiophile magazine says ''M30.2 anniversary model excellent choice''

Chinese hi-fi magazine, New Audiophile recently reviewed our M30.2 anniversary model - calling it "one of the best monitor speakers and an excellent choice.''

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China's New Audiophile magazine says "other speakers cannot compete with the M40.2"

Chinese hi-fi magazine, New Audiophile recently reviewed our flagship model - the M40.2 with the title "Speakers three times the price would still not compete with the M40.2."

The reviewer states that the M40.2 beautifully "reproduced detailed music", testing audio that he felt "many speakers could not handle." In conclusion, he felt that he would not be able to find "any competitors in the same price range."

Visitors "blown away by sublime Anniversary models" at AXPONA

Last month, US Harbeth dealer, Fidelis, journeyed to Illinois to showcase three of our stunning 40th anniversary models; the M40.2M30.2 and P3ESR. Paired with Vinnie Rossi's two new L2 Signature Monoblocks alongside his modular LIO integrated amplifier, the sound was described as a "melt into the music" system.

Vinnie reported that "everyone was blown away by how sublime all three 40th anniversary models sounded (we were often swapping between the M40.2, M30.2 and P3ESR). Some listeners remained in the room for over an hour.  Others returned to the room multiple times and told me they simply could not find a better sounding room."

Hi-fi press echoed this praise with Stereophile saying the system was "a joy to listen to",
Part-Time Audiophile stating "the Fidelis room just flat out rocks. Emotional and engaging, the two rooms run by Fidelis showcase some of the more artful sounding products available," and The Audio Beatnik commenting that the M40.2 anniversary model sounded "glorious!"

Haute Fidelite award M40.2 'Haute Fidelite Reference'

Our flagship model - the M40.2 - has been awarded 'Haute Fidelite Reference' by French hi-fi magazine Haute Fidelite, who also published a report of the model in their April issue.

"The M40.2 offers natural listening and are able to reproduce all musical styles."

Herb Reichert reviews M30.2 40th anniversary model

Herb Reichert has reviewed our M30.2 40th anniversary model in the April edition of Stereophile, calling it "...the most neutral, accurate, tuneful, fun, and music-loving stand-mounted two-way speaker I've heard."

The magazine also awarded the M30.2 the highest rating among its peers -  the 2018 Class A 'Recommended Component'.

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