I have been a Harbeth user for quite a few years. I started out with a pair of P3ESR's back in 2013. Since then I have upgraded to Monitor 30.1's and last year to a pair of Super HL5 Plus.

The SHL5 Plus are sounding superb in my system. I have followed the upgrade path to the SHL5 Plus by finding a second hand pair advertised on a HiFi Forum. The chap I bought them from was quite elderly and he was upgrading to a pair of the Anniversary SHL5 Plus model. Sadly he passed away soon after receiving his new Anniversary speakers.

When I purchased my SHL5 Plus speakers the seller did not have the original packing boxes, but he found some boxes that were just about suitable for transport.

After I got my new speakers home I decided that I should source the correct packing boxes from Harbeth, in order that if I decided to move house, or the remote possibility the speakers needed to be returned to Harbeth for repair or I decided to sell the speakers I would have the correct packing materials and the boxes. I approached Harbeth back in August last year and I was quoted a price for all the packing and boxes etc plus the shipping. I was asked to request a pro forma invoice for the order to proceed, which I did, but I heard no more despite frequent requests for the pro forma invoice.

This week I decided to try and start the process again, I emailed support@harbeth.co.ik to make a request for the the new packing. However I got a rather curt reply informing me that the packing could only be supplied with a brand new pair of speakers!

Quite frankly I'm shocked that a company like Harbeth would refuse to replace packing materials. What if my originals were damaged by a water leak or some other misfortune? I cant quite believe the attitude of such a well respected company as Harbeth.

I am at a loss as to what to do now. Has anyone else here had to buy replacement packing boxes and been refused?