Just to clarify Harbeth's global position and a warning about sellers describing his Harbeth speakers as "new", "brand new", "factory fresh", "unopened condition", "unregistered warranty card", "virtually as original ex-factory condition" etc. etc.

We invest time, energy and relationships in our Authorised Distributor/Importer network so that they in turn can build up and nurture their Retailers and those Retailers can support you, our end customers over many years. Our Warranty is specific to the country we, Harbeth UK, originally supplied to, and that country is marked on a non-destruct sticker affixed to the speaker, and the local Harbeth Distributor/Importer will have the user's Warranty Card and other information giving complete traceability from factory to User.

The local end-user Warranty is then granted FOC to the first end-user, that is, the first and original customer that buys the speaker from the Authorised Importer/Distributor or Retailer and whose name is on the original sales invoice against that serial number. That local Warranty is not transferrable to the second owner regardless of whether the second owner is the uncle, aunt, distant relative or friend or lover of the owner.

For example, if supplied to Taiwan the sticker will limit the Warranty to Taiwan: if USA, limited to the USA and so on. An out-of-market seller (a so called grey channel seller) could be tempted to try and disguise or tamper with the Warranty sticker as he will be well aware that Harbeth worldwide does not support grey-channel sales of any kind, and will not provide any parts or advice where we can not verify the Warranty. We are often willing to confirm the Warranty position associated with a particular serial number if we are given the full honest facts about the pair although we are not obliged to enter into any dialogue over this matter especially where we feel rules have been bent or broken.

Regarding "As New" etc. etc.

Sadly, this is never the case and unscrupulous sellers take advantage of the relatively long production life of Harbeth speakers to passed-off as "brand new" speakers that can be several years old. It begs the question, where have they been in the months/years since they were manufactured and is it really credible that the owner resisted using them? Wasn't he even a little curious? And did he damage them? Even lifting them out of the carton and putting them down on a hard surface or onto spikes or cones could have damaged them. Why take the risk?

We strongly recommend that you deal only with your local Authorised Harbeth Retailer who, by definition, will be someone of integrity that you can trust.