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An analogue recordings "maestro" who uses the monitor 40 at home!


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A better resolution ...

A better resolution ...

Mr. Kavi Alexander, of Water Lily Acoustics, an internationally acclaimed recordings specialist, honors Alan's Monitor 40, by using them at home...
Enjoy his interview, it is always a pleasure to find Harbeths into the roads of improving our Hi-Fi knowledge!

I own a number of lovely Water Lily recordings, beginning with the classic Ry Cooder/VM Bhatt collaboration, "A Meeting by the River".

What I found particularly interesting about the interview is that I had not read much about Water Lily in the last few years and knew them as a "purist" all-analog, all-tube electronics outfit concerned with musical and sonic purity. How interesting, then (in light of recent threads on the HUG), to read this:

Now, least somebody get the wrong idea that the current Water Lily digital/solid-state and analog/solid-state recording chains are somehow inferior to the earlier all tube, analog chain, I categorically state "it ain't so"! I prefer the new chains, both analog and digital, not just for their portability/reliability but also for their extended bandwidth, dynamic range and signal to noise, coupled to the sheer sonic superiority.

It was impossible to travel overseas with the old tube recording chain. I could have never recorded the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic had I not obtained the new setup that I have.

Arvind Kohli >
I am surprised that you made such a drastic change. I had always associated Water Lily with tubed gear by EAR, and had believed you to be a tube and analog diehard. I never thought you would turn digital.

Kavi Alexander >
I was very surprised and so were my diehard tube-loving friends on how good the new hi-rez PCM and DSD sounds. This new generation of digital gear definitely has better dynamic range than analog, a very important consideration when recording symphonic music​