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Cheap Options for streaming music in our house ( Volumio ? )


My streaming system in my house is very simple right now, i have an iphone so i bought an airport express and connected it to my amp. I connected a hard disk with the music to my router, so i share it using SMB protocol, and i stream using the app MusicStreamer from the iphone.
The app works well for 40.000 tunes, but the GUI is not very nice to use, could be better.
I also miss the posibility to order the albums by year inside the artists part of the app, or seeing the artwork bigger or been able to see the quality of the file i am listening to.

So I am checking other options.

One is a NAD/Bluesound Node2, it seems nice, the prices is 500 euros, something a find too much for streaming platform ( the cost of my actual system for streaming was 55 euros ).
Other option is the software Volumio, the hardware for volumio can cost 200 euros and it can work as the server and as the player, so you dont need to connect the hard disk to the router, you can connect it to the volumio Hardware.

The bad thing is the web interface, i am not sure is so good or if it has all the options that i want. IS anyone using it ?


The Node 2 sounds good for its price. You may feel it’s too expensive for a streamer but then with the cheap options you will be faced with issues of the app user interface etc. Of which you are indeed facing.