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General questions regarding Harbeth line-up


New member
High to all,

I am new to this forum but I have some background going back to the early 70s with BBC and related vendors like KEF, Spendor and Rogers.

I have some general questions:

The P3ESR seems to be the domestic version of the 20.1 which is a successor of the LS3/5?

The 30.1 is available as domestic and studio version as LS5/9 successor? Is the driver the same as the midrange driver in the 40.2?

How does the C7ES-3 fit in? Is the C7ES-3 a 30.1 with a larger enclosure or is the driver a different one as used in the SHL5 plus with another tweeter?

The SHL5 plus seems to be a LS3/6 successor. Why is there no studio version around?

The 40.X series as domestic and studio are positioned as LS5/8 successor, but it is a 3 way construction like the LS5/5. Is it a LS5/5 successor as well?

Last question: Is there a particular reason why the drivers of the C7ES-3 and SHL5 plus are front mounted?

Many questions, but I would appreciate to find the right positioning for these speakers.

Thank you very much in advance