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Harbeth floor standers


New member
I couldn't find any thread on this topic. Can someone inform me if Harbeth is planning such a model(s)? Many of us might prefer a floor stander (tower style), at a minimum, for aesthetics, if not some performance advantages. The competition has them, why not Harbeth? Thanks.


Staff member
This is obviously highly sensitive and not a subject that could be discussed in public.

I can say that I have a full work schedule and such does not appear on it. To move into that area would need fundamental research into how long cabinet walls behave acoustically. Previous breif looks at the subject suggest that those 'double length' panels pose many acoustic challenges. I cannot imagine any sonic or other advantages at all, but I can imagine it appealing to a different user base.

I can't add anything more useful.

Ned Mast

I, for one Harbeth user, am quite happy to put my speakers on stands. I feel my money is going entirely towards design based upon the best sound, and not towards extending a cabinet simply to make the speaker a floor stander.

Miles MG

New member
I think AS is correct about the acoustic challenges. A fair few floor-standing speakers haven’t sounded ‘right’ to me.
There are exceptions of course.
A Spendor model I heard was very good.
Whatever the acoustic reasoning I find many of the tall, slim floorstanders aesthetically unacceptable.
OK, it’s purely a personal thing and many like them.
Give me speakers with some ‘fresh air’ under them.
Oh, and stands of course...