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High End Show Munich 2017, Feedback


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I visited the High End Show in Munich and did hear the Harbeth presentation of the german distributor Input Audio. The system included the recordplayer L'Art du Son (Garrard) with an Origin Live tonearm and a Lyra cartridge. The amplifier was a Magnum Dynalab 309. And the loudspeaker was the new 40.2 Anniversary model of Harbeth.

The sound was jaw dropping! I never ever heard something like this before. So incredible involving – so lively, so spacious, so natural, so dynamic, so incredible live-like and 3-dimensional! Definitely the best sound at the show by far. After that i went again to the other rooms i liked. Like Kondo amps with Living Voice Horns or Kondo with Kawero or Silbatone with the Western Electric-Horns. But that did not come close.

The Harbeth combo was so stunning! What a joy! Thank you for creating the new Anniversary models. They are incredible!
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