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Saturday night Network TV - with Harbeth in the studio


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Right now, on ITV is the major music show of the week. You know the name - it has an audience in the millions.

Yesterday, I spent time in the studio during rehearsals, and with BAFTA award winning sound engineer (Sound supervisor in TV speak), Robert Edawrds and his colleages Jane and Dave. Picture of the studio from which the programme has originated from for several years is below. A Monitor 40.1/Monitor 30.1 system as you can see. Dave, wo takes care of the incoming audio from the record companies is out of shot. This is the actual desk which is feeding your TV right now.

You may thing that TV programmes are a disposable 'throw away' culture, but I can assure you that the professionalism and refusal to accept second best puts these audio specialists at the very top of the tree. In fact, I was surprised how demanding they are of the source (backing) recordings over which the artists sing live. They insist on them being uncompressed, unclipped and with only necessary EQ. And no fake vinyl crackes and the like. From what I have seen, the technical standard of the provide music waveforms is the best in the business - far better than the mastered product to final CD with all the EQ and compression that usually involves. Audio recorded during rehearsah, that is yesterday, is available to download from Spotify now, and I was present during the save-to-Spotify process. The reason the rehearsal audi is used rather than the live show is because better diction is possible when the singers are not leaping about, and during one rhearsal they are able to stand completely still to make the Spotify source recording.

More on this experience, with video, over the next weeks. Needless to say, there is no consideration of any of the nuances that so worry audiophiles. No anxt about cables, stands, mains filters, amplifiers, isolators or the like. Just the honest to goodless objective basics.

For now, enjoy.

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Can you possibly tell us how big the control room is? It seems to be modest in size, yet it has the Monitor M40.1 loudspeakers in it. To my eye, it seems to follow that the M40.1 loudspeakers can be used in a modest sized room with no untoward effects. I've heard so much about smaller rooms needing small speakers, that I was left wondering what exactly is the situation in control room that is pictured.