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Suggestion on the way recommend amp power is presented on the website / brochure (P3ESR)


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I have a pair of p3esr and i originally bought a Nad D 3020 to use with them (nearfield desktop about 1 meter away from ears - not ideal but still nice) I bought the D 3020 with the logic that it was in between the "minimum" of 15W and what I thought was the maximum of 50W (i was confused by "Power handling 50W programme")

Having done some more research (with the help of this board) I now understand that there's a benefit to more power. I ended up splurging on a Creek Evolution 50A and i do believe the speakers sound better with the extra power. (I'm sure a NAD 326bee would have been good too - or a a rotel, marantz etc .)

Anyway, my 2 cents/pence would be to somehow steer people to the ideal amount of power (before diminishing returns set in) - for which i would expect is *greater or equal* than 50W - and not the confusing-to-me "Power handling 50W programme"



(PS I got the speakers out a few more feet - it is nice)
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