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The worlds quietest (indoor) space - and the best equipment


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at Microsoft R&D facility*. Video here.

Note the extensive use of Bruel & Kjaer (B&K) calibrated, certified audio measurement equipment, particularly microphones, which I have insisted on using since I started designing loudspeakers. Perhaps one reason why so many contemporary speakers are ludicrously bright is because their designers are putting too much faith in inexpensive measuring systems, when there there has been only one gold standard these past fifty years, admittedly at a price.

"Is it a meaningful measurement?"

"Is it repeatable?"

"Is it valid?"

"... [this is] a rock solid acoustically controlled environment..."

"We want to have the best tools available for the job...."

We've been saying for decades that in the absence of proper control, audio evaluation is neither valid: nor repeatable, it's just personal opinion. Which is fine but not a sensible basis for one human to truly objectively critique the efforts of another in the subject of hardware/software.

*Thanks to son, MS employee, for the link.